Artist Statement

          My artwork is showcasing the emotions and experiences that accompany myself and others while living with a chronic disease, Type One Diabetes (T1D). I have lived with T1D since I was 10 months old and have experienced a lot of ups and downs with this disease. To give the reader a little bit of background about T1D, it is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakes the insulin producing beta cell to be a foreign agent. The immune system then attacks and destroys the beta cells causing T1D. Being affected your whole life by something that you could not have prevented is something that carries a large amount of weight with it and we often do not see or know about. I used a large amount of symbolism that is specific to T1D, through the use of printmaking, painting, and different mixed medias. 

         These experiences that I have gone through and still experience were the main focus while creating this body of work. I focused on the process it took to create and the contemplation that occurs while observing a piece of artwork. By incorporating some of the objects that are commonplace in the life of a Type One Diabetic, I hope to create an experience for the viewer that bring about emotions that a Type One Diabetic experiences.